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Remote Learning Plan


23-24 SCS Remote Learning Choice Board - Middle School

Complete one activity from each column on every inclement weather remote learning day. These activities should take 1-2 hours total to complete each remote learning day. ELA, Math, and Science/SS activities should be submitted to classroom teachers within 5 school days to be counted present for the day.


Social Studies



Writing review:

Write a one-page review of the last movie you saw, book you read, or video game you played. Be sure to have a clear opinion that is supported with evidence. 

Map skills:

Draw or trace a map of Africa, Asia, Europe or the Americas. Color it according to the languages spoken in each country. 

Remember to make a key for your map and compass rose.

Create a poster about a concept/topic you learned in math class this school year. You should:

- Fill up the entire space you have.

- Have one major illustration. 

- Include 2 pieces of important information 1 related to the illustration

- Must have a title

- Use lots of colors!

KIM Charts:

Your task: Define and illustrate the vocabulary terms from the current unit of study with memory clues. Divide your paper into three columns, like this:

Key Idea / Information / Memory Clue

Write the term or key idea (K) in the left column

Write the information/definition (I) that goes along with it in the center column 

Draw a picture of the idea, a memory clue, (M) in the right column.

Life event: 

Think of an important event from your life. Tell the story of that event in exactly 100 words. 

Government policy:

Write a one page opinion paper explaining your stance on the government controlling the use of cell phones for children under the age of 18 years old.  

Choose a song to rewrite. You need to include the original lyrics, ALL lyrics must be appropriate for school.

- Rewrite the lyrics to include at least four pieces of information about a math concept you learned this school year. 

- Write at least one verse and a chorus

- Record yourself singing the song and send it to your teacher along with the written lyrics

Comic Strip:

Make a comic strip using the vocabulary terms from the current unit of study. 

Comic strip:

Take your favorite story or a text you've read in class and turn it into a four-panel comic 

Personal Finance:

Write a 1 page paper explaining how social media influences personal financial decision making. 


Create a crossword puzzle using concepts, terms, and examples from the current unit of study. 

- Choose at least eight terms from the unit. 

- Write a clue for each of your items (fill-in-the-blank, question, definition, math equation, etc.) under, across or down.

- Provide an answer key 



Squirrel, Deer or Raccoon


People who read the newspaper


Write a letter to the editor


Discuss how inclement weather impacts your daily routine and why you need appropriate shelter during the winter season


Develop a podcast (or YouTube) series about a topic of your choice. Give it a title and outline the topics of 10 episodes for a series about the topic. 

Social media advertisement: 

Create your own 30-45 second social media advertisement to influence buyers to purchase your item. Share this with your teacher.



You’re a sports announcer




Write a commentary about a game that creates a multi-step word problem that your fans have to figure out in order to determine the score of the game


Multi-Step Word Problems

Cinquain poem:

You are a science tool that we’ve learned about in science class. What makes you unique to other science tools? What are your special characteristics? Where can others find you? How are you used in real life? Use the format of a cinquain poem to share with other science tools what makes you special.

Line 1: A one-word title 

Line 2: Two words that describe your title 

Line 3: Three words that describe an action about your title 

Line 4: A four-word phrase that describes a feeling relating toward your title 

Line 5: One word that refers back to your title

Quiet Pages: Dive into the World of Words:

Read a good book. Keep track of your pages and write a one sentence summary.

Flag Design:

Design a new flag. It can be for a country, club, or personal.


Use Meaningful Symbolism

The colors, patterns, and elements of the flag should relate to what it symbolizes.

Use 2-3 Basic Colors

Limit the number of colors in your flag to three and to choose colors that contrast well.


Write a paragraph explaining the colors and symbols you chose.

Be the Math Teacher:

Teach a family member one of the math strategies you’ve learned this year.


Write and have them solve three problems. 

Wanted/Hero "Breaking News" Video:

Your Task: Create a Wanted/Hero

"Breaking News" video for a concept or vocabulary word from this unit. You should


- A sketch of what the concept or vocabulary term is

- Three reasons why the concept/ vocabulary term is a "hero" or "wanted".

- A made-up quote from another

concept "living" at the time showing what others might have said about this concept/ vocabulary term.

- How that "hero" or "wanted" concept/ vocabulary term

may impact our future.

ACT Practice: complete one activity below

English Prep

Reading Prep

Writing Prep





Wright Brothers 


Complaint letter


New invention disrupts skies

ACT Math Practice:

ACT Math Prep

ACT Practice

Science Prep

Life Skills 



Physical Education 


Find a Nutrition Food Label in your home and list the following things: 

  • Calories 
  • Carbs 
  • Fats 
  • Sodium 
  • Protein 
  • Vitamins 

Then write one paragraph if you think it is a healthy or unhealthy food/drink? 

Write down 10 examples of technology that you have used today. Explain, for all 10 examples, how you would do the same task if you didn’t have this technology

Look around your house for a random object. Draw what that object would look like if it were alive.

  1. Use the communication styles we discussed with Mrs. Sedlacek to describe a team/athlete you have seen in a movie. (Passive, Aggressive, Assertive) 
  2. Write one paragraph describing the movie and a second paragraph describing the communication styles used by that team/athlete. You may see more than one. Be specific in your examples. (ie. How were they passive? Why were they aggressive?)

Find a piece of music either current or old.  Write a paragraph about things you like or dislike about it.  Please use complete sentences and punctuation.  The piece could be instrumental or with lyrics. 

What is an occupation or job you are interested in? Write a paragraph about why you would want to do that job and why you think you would be good at that occupation. 

If you had to select one trade (electrician, plummer, etc) to pursue as a career, what would it be and why.

Find a piece of art in your house (painting / photograph) and write a paragraph describing it. What do you like about it? What do you dislike?

Choose one sport you would like to improve in. Write a 100 word essay on what drills and practice activities you can complete to improve your skills in said sport.

Research a current or old composer.  Write a paragraph about his or her life.  Include interesting facts and accomplishments they have done.  Make sure they are a composer ( someone that writes the music). 

Draw a self portrait. . Then list 10 words you would use to describe yourself. Use ONLY positive self talk and positive words. Then write 4 sentences about how viewing yourself positively can change your overall view of yourself. 

Describe a piece of technology that you would like to make an  improvement to. What would you do to it and how would it work?

Did you have a weird dream? Draw a picture of it or draw what you think a weird dream would look like.

Develop a workout regimen with at least five activities that focus on at least one of the components of physical fitness. Muscular strength, Muscular endurance, Cardiovascular endurance, or flexibility.

Research your favorite instrument.  It can be the instrument you play or another one.  Write a paragraph about that instrument.  Include when the instrument was invented and famous musicians who play it. 

If technology permits, in addition to the choice board, students should complete 15 mins in Reading and 15 mins in Math in iReady on each remote learning day.

Name _______________

Remote Learning Days-Student Log           

Complete the row for each Remote Learning Day. Return the log with your student’s work.

Remote Learning Day

What activities did you do? Describe them.

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The Teacher Support Hours are as follows: 


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