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Virtual Learning Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions: (Updated September 1, 2020)huh
I am having issues with Google Meet.  How do I fix this?  Webcams and microphones are not REQUIRED to participate in a Google Meet with your teachers.  In fact, your teacher can turn off your webcam and mute your microphone during the Meet to improve the quality of the session.  Also, limit the number of tabs open during a live class Meet to only those necessary (Youtube, other streaming services, and generally more than 5 tabs disrupt the Meet Livestream).  Please use these directions for Troubleshooting Webcam and Google Meet Issues.
Adobe Flash will not load or will not let me access certain services for my assignments.  What can I do about this? Please follow the directions here to Troubleshoot Adobe Flash in Chrome.
How do I contact my child's teacherEmail is the best way to contact any staff member at Southeastern Stokes Middle School.  The Staff Contact List is published on our website.
We don't have internet access at our home.  How can my child access the internet to complete assignments?  Please consult the Community Internet Access Options for Students to find a site near you or a workable solution.
I need to turn in my math homework I worked out on a piece of paper.  How do I do this?  First, consult your teacher on their expectations for your work. 
  1. If you have an iPhone, you may use the Notes App to "Scan Documents" and send or upload that way. 
  2. You may also use the Genius Scan App on any phone to scan as a PDF file and email or upload this way.
  3. You may use Kami to edit PDF files and turn them in through Google Classroom using directions here.  
My keyboard won't type certain keys or My mouse isn't working correctly.  What do I do? Before you fill in the Tech Support Request try this:  Perform a "quick reset" by holding down the Power key and the Reset key for 3 seconds using this guide. You can also follow these directions to setup an onscreen keyboard until your issue can be addressed.
I can't get my teacher's videos to play.  What do I do? Please click here for a guide to Troubleshooting Video Playback.
Tech Support Notes (Updated September 1, 2020)

* Webcams and the ability to take pictures ARE NOT required as part of assignments.  This DOES NOT justify obtaining a different chromebook.
* Live classes with teachers will be conducted in Google Meet.  Camera is NOT REQUIRED for either.  You should be able to see your teachers on the screen and communicate with the comment feature when necessary.
* Tech support can troubleshoot KEYBOARD issues remotely.

* On occasion, Mrs. Scott will issue a Google Meet invitation to the student to troubleshoot issues remotely.
* Students AND parents should use the Tech Support Request so that issues can be addressed in a timely manner. All contact information is important.
* STUDENTS/PARENTS  SHOULD NOT COME TO SCHOOL TO GET ANOTHER CHROMEBOOK unless specifically requested by Mrs. Scott.  Extras are limited.

For issues not addressed in Frequently Asked Questions, Students/Parents should fill out a Tech Support Request.